A Dear Luchador/ Un luchador querido

An important family member has passed away. I mentioned him below. Tito introduced me to the rings, the matches, the blood, the glory, the excitement of what Lucha Libre is all about. He was combating diabetes for a while and it finally got the best of him. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Tito, I always have. When I think of him I see him in his very Mexican attire: his western style hat, norteña shirt (long sleeve of course!), and his well ironed, old school, thick fabric pants (the kind a banda member would wear…look at video!) with some amazing boots. I always thought he looked very cool. He had a very memorable laugh and was always happy and joking around with me even though I knew he wasn’t in that mood all the time. I spent a lot of time with Tita and Tito (Tita is my mom’s sister) when I lived in Tijuana and when I would visit I would always stay with them. Like all humans, Tito had his flaws but my view of him has never changed. I dedicate this blog site to him.
¡Siempre Luchando!

I chose this video because the quality is very nostalgic and it shows how some banda members sometimes wear luchador masks. The song is also a summary of what it’s like to be at a lucha libre match.

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Two Amazing Artist from America

Ana Tijoux is the Chilean front woman for Makiza and she has a very old school but unique rapping style. She is beautiful, powerful, intelligent and indigenous! “tengo sangre indígena, mejor porque soy hermosa” Her lyrics do not rhyme but her flow is amazing as she manipulates syllables like a true artist.

La rosa de los vientos

Li Saumet is a Colombian front woman for Bomba Estéreo, a Colombian, electrofolklorhip group that, as my invented genre describes, mixes electronic music with folkroric cumbia and champeta music from Colombia with fierce and sensual rapping lyrics that makes you dance all night long. Li is a very strong front woman without being too much of a front woman and she is backed by some incredible musicians. Simón Mejía is the actual creator of the band and composer of the music (and bassist!) but Li writes the lyrics and adds to the music with her hip voice. Although I will say that her voice can get too one-dimensional. I hope that with time her voice and flow grows as well as the band because they put on a great show! Also one side note is that Simón was chosen as a finalist for a year long mentorship program with Brian Eno and you can already see that influence in his music but in his own style, which I really dig.

Fuego – Bomba Estéreo

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Cocoa Cinnamon!

The reason I haven’t been posting much like I said I would is because I have been busy building my husband’s and my business! Cocoa Cinnamon is about sustainability, respect, cacao, spices, teas and eventually coffee. Please check it out by clicking on the name! In the mean time enjoy this track by Floating Points.


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Long Time!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since i have posted so tonight is the night for refreshing new music! Here is a video of a fantastic Kate Bushish singer named Emilie Simon. She is from Montpellier, France. Born in 1978 into a family of musicians. She is well trained and can sing like nobody’s business in French and English and composes some sick electronic beats. She’s really quite magical, fantastical, creative, talented, worth the hype but don’t believe the hype, check it out for yourself!

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Hummingbird : Uncertainty in Copenhagen

Fenix y Alma

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Token Robot #1

Robot from an 80s B-movie

This is a mix of mostly Discofunk tunes that were played by Larry Levan in the legendary Paradise Garage.

1.Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)
2.Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Larry Levan Mix)
3.52nd Street – Cool As Ice
4.Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk (Italo Disco)
5.Kid People – Life’s A Party

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You’ve Got To Hit Play!

Why luchadores and where are the robots?! Cuando era niña mi tio (Humberto aka Tito) took my cousin and me to a Lucha Libre match. I was perhaps 4 or 5 and my cousin two years older than me. All I remember is my cousin and me screaming “¡sangre! ¡miedo!” which means: “blood! fear!” with our tiny hands in the air, bringing our four fingers to our thumb (this means “mucho”). When I think about my Tito, this is the first thing I think of. Therefore, luchadores have a special place in my heart. It also helps me feel closer to my Mexican roots based on the fact that I was moved to the U.S. when I was 6.

So where are the robots? Token Robot #1 is coming up next (or located above). Each Token Robot will be a mix.

For now listen to this great live cover of Bäs Noir’s “My Love is Magic.”

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