You’ve Got To Hit Play!

Why luchadores and where are the robots?! Cuando era niña mi tio (Humberto aka Tito) took my cousin and me to a Lucha Libre match. I was perhaps 4 or 5 and my cousin two years older than me. All I remember is my cousin and me screaming “¡sangre! ¡miedo!” which means: “blood! fear!” with our tiny hands in the air, bringing our four fingers to our thumb (this means “mucho”). When I think about my Tito, this is the first thing I think of. Therefore, luchadores have a special place in my heart. It also helps me feel closer to my Mexican roots based on the fact that I was moved to the U.S. when I was 6.

So where are the robots? Token Robot #1 is coming up next (or located above). Each Token Robot will be a mix.

For now listen to this great live cover of Bäs Noir’s “My Love is Magic.”

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