A Dear Luchador/ Un luchador querido

An important family member has passed away. I mentioned him below. Tito introduced me to the rings, the matches, the blood, the glory, the excitement of what Lucha Libre is all about. He was combating diabetes for a while and it finally got the best of him. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Tito, I always have. When I think of him I see him in his very Mexican attire: his western style hat, norteña shirt (long sleeve of course!), and his well ironed, old school, thick fabric pants (the kind a banda member would wear…look at video!) with some amazing boots. I always thought he looked very cool. He had a very memorable laugh and was always happy and joking around with me even though I knew he wasn’t in that mood all the time. I spent a lot of time with Tita and Tito (Tita is my mom’s sister) when I lived in Tijuana and when I would visit I would always stay with them. Like all humans, Tito had his flaws but my view of him has never changed. I dedicate this blog site to him.
¡Siempre Luchando!

I chose this video because the quality is very nostalgic and it shows how some banda members sometimes wear luchador masks. The song is also a summary of what it’s like to be at a lucha libre match.

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